Thanks to [ profile] isilya  for the delicious food and dessert she cooked yesterday. Mmmmm...yum...Morrocan Lamb = I wants more! I'd like the recipe if I could.

Thanks also to [ profile] special_trille , [ profile] psycho_tabby , [ profile] dark_squire , [ profile] icantmakeme  and husband for their fantastic company. We played board games. I loves the board games. I loves the trash talking and the arguments and the sulking. Love it love it love it!

Oh, and I went to the cat haven with Tabby and got me 2 cats. I brought one of them home (Sera) and the other one will be collected on Tuesday (Ziba). Both grey tabby, and both quite lovely. I'm hoping they get along

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( Jan. 19th, 2009 04:44 pm)
So I finally suckered some poor unfortunate fool to share my house with me.

My housemate is a guy. This facinating tidbit is where my little tale begins.

Let me set the scene:-
The date is Wednesday, 14 January 2009. It is 8.30 am and I am calling my father from my work phone.

Me: Can I talk to Dad?
Mum: Why?
Me: I'm just letting him know that the housemate is moving in soon and I need the spare control for the garage. I'm not sure if he has it or the boys have it.
Mum: Oh, housemate. When is she moving in?
Me: He's moving in on Thursday.
Mum: He? He? What is this he? A housemate is not a he!
Me: Well, this one is.
Mum: But what if he rapes and murders you in the middle of the night?
Me: Why would he do that?
Mum: Because he's a *boy!*
Me: He's not going to rape and murder me in the middle of the night. He's a teacher.
Mum: Teachers can rape and kill people! Especially if they are boys!
Me: He's not going to rape and murder me.
Mum: But he's a boy!
Me: What about your sons? They're boys. They're not raping and killing women.
Mum: But they don't live with girls!
Me: *sigh* He's not going to rape and kill me in the middle of the night. The boys live behind me and I have neighbours either side of me. And if he does, I have all his details and you'll be able to find him.
Mum: *hrmph*
Me: I don't want to talk about this any more. Let me speak to dad.
Mum: How much rent is he paying then?

Before I continue, I should tell you that my mother believes the price I've set is too high and that no one in their right mind would pay that much. It's not ridiculous. I've checked. It's a reasonable amount.

Me: $x/week plus expenses and a month's rent in bond.
Mum: Oh, well why didn't you say so before? Well, that's ok then.
Me: *indignant* What? What if he rapes and kills me in the middle of the night?!?
Mum: Well, at least he helped out with the mortgage repayments…
Me: I'm hanging up now. Tell dad to call me back.


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( Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:11 am)
Or anyone who would like to buy me any time...

I would like vouchers to Planet Books. There will never ever be enough vouchers for Planet Books in Mt Lawely. NEVER.

Or, a new computer.

Love, Boo.
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( Nov. 10th, 2008 09:49 am)
I'm back!

I'm back peoples!

With broken computer, broken bank account, and broken bits and pieces (I succumbed to the dreaded cold that AH has been spreading).  But, I is back and am doing my laundry. Then, sleep.
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( Jul. 3rd, 2008 09:41 pm)
[profile] cricketk and I went furniture shopping today. Last Sunday I lied to my mum about buying a dining suite to get out of working at the shop. I told her that it would be delivered by Friday, so I kind of panicked today.

I was all set to buy a cheap yet sturdy pine dining table, but ended up with quite a decent one instead. Sure, it was almost double my budget, but I got it any way. I would have been unhappy with my original choice. Also, it suits the house a lot more. I also bought an extremely ugly, but uber comfortable *velvet* lounge suite. The lounge suite got added on because we 'rock-hammer--scissored' and I lost. Which was just as well, otherwise I would have bought the leather couch and it would have killed me.

So yeah, am completely broke.

Thanks for your help and enabling, cricketk! Much appreciated.
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( May. 12th, 2008 09:16 am)
I'm craving Yum Cha so if anyone is interested:

Where: Riverside Chinese Restaurant, 74 Francis St, Northbridge
When: 10 am, Sunday 18 May
Why: My Birthday

But, I will be waiting at 9.45am outside Vultures if people want to join me.
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( May. 7th, 2008 06:56 pm)
Just installed it, and I have to say, I love it.

I hated 2004. I couldn't deal with free floating form and the tiny tiny font. With 2008, I can finally see what I'm typing without having to zoom it 200% or changing the font size to a billion. I also like the nifty calendar which I've managed to synch with my iPhone. Obviously, I won't use it because I suck at keeping up my home calendar. I'm going to learn to synch my work calendar instead.

Is it sad that I'm happy that I can bring work home again?
Talullah has managed to stalk down Mr Gaiman and got him to sign: "For Jasmine, my wrist hurts also my brain."

Look, I'm not sure what she said to him, but apparently he signed it laughing. Sure, he misspelled my name, but I don't care. Yay! I heart her so much at the moment.
I wasn't feeling crash hot on Sunday, and slept most of the day away. Managed to make it out of the house for an hour...and got suckered into buying S2 of Jump Street. Dude, it was only $12.95, I had to!

Yesterday, I managed to stay lucid for about ah hour. Pretty much just enough time for me to walk to the Chemist and buy cough medicine and cold and flu tablets. And then I slept until 9.30 pm. I think I only woke up to take my medication and go to the bathroom. I was so bloody cold. I finally sweated it out earlier this morning. My sheets are disgusting.

Anyway, 10 minutes ago:-

Mum: *annoyed* Oh, you're awake. You slept all of yesterday. What the hell was that?
Me: I was sick.
Dad: Will you be going to work today?
Me: No, I'm still not feeling well.
Dad: Well, later this afternoon don't forget to relieve your mum so she can go buy milk.
Me: I'm sick.
Mum: *to dad* She's going to sleep again. She's so lazy.

Seriously, is it too much to ask that I have 2 fucking days to get over my flu?
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( Apr. 24th, 2008 09:33 pm)
Have new phone and have spent the last 2 hours entering my contact list. On the bright side, I have managed to get rid of a few numbers I will never use again.

Bad news is I have no photos so don't be surprised if I go on random photo taking sprees. Or, you guys can send me a picture of yourselves. That would be much appreciated.
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( Feb. 7th, 2008 07:08 am)
...has just arrived in Sydney to promote Supernatural. I wish I was there to stalk him.
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( Feb. 6th, 2008 09:45 am)
It is currently 9.45 am and I am so bored! There is nothing on the internet! Nothing! I am out of reading and watching material. Peoples, entertain me.

Or lend me stuff.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2008 08:23 am)

First layer of paint on. Another one to go. Then the floors and the blinds. Should be done by the end of the year at the rate we're going.
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( Dec. 29th, 2007 07:21 am)
No, you did not misread. My cat peed on me.

Bloody cat.

Dad finally bought the cat home after 18 months and let him into the house. And this morning he was meowing and wanted to go out but I ignored him and continued to sleep so he peed on me. Aarrrggghhh!

I've spent the last 2 hours washing myself and my sheets. The little bastard is now outside having a nap. Typical!
Met Trille at Exomod for coffee yesterday and almost had a minor heart attack.

Trille: I heart money long time!
Me: Me too! I heart it so much I want to marry it.
Trille: Yeah, but money doesn't heart you back. It hearts ME!
*shows me her account*
Me: You've got tenty billion dollars! Buy me something pretty!
Trille: This is why money broked up with you. *scornful face*
Me: *sulk*
Trille: I was doing my budget and this is how much I earn and how much I spend and how much I save and I'm thinking about being all frugal next year and spending nuncy-hundred dollars so I can save tenty billion more dollars. Want to save tenty billion dollars with me? I can teach you.
Me: *sulk* I have $23 in my bank account. I like to spending money. I can save maybe 2 dollars.
Me: *sits and does mini budget*
Me: OMG! My calculations show I should have tenty hundred dollars! WTF?
*4 hours later*
Me: WAIT! I used it pay for my trip next year. No, that's not right. I called in my loan.

I won't lie to you. I have been worried about this all night and have not slept well worring where my money disappeared to. At about 6 this morning, I finally remembered.

* I went to Melbourne and Sydney this year.
* I completely paid of my credit card debt. Tragically, the festive season has broken me again.
* I had a LOT of dental work earlier this year which costed a fortune.

I feel sooooo much better now that I have accounted for my missing money.

Note to self: never do quickie budget estimates. Sit down with your files and do a proper audit of your spendings.

New year's resolution: Prepare official budget and follow it. Will learn to save money properly like an adult, damn it!
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( Dec. 9th, 2007 08:19 pm)
Tragically, under much peer pressure, I have succumbed to the wonder (not) that is Facebook.

My thoughts: it's pretty ugly looking and pretty invasive.

My other thought: I've friended a couple of you and you had better friend me back. My "real name" is Calamity Jane and but I've posted a fake picture of myself. I very much doubt that I'll go there again, but if I do and I've discovered that you have snubbed me... well, no cake for you!

Not that I *have* cake, but if I did, there would be no cake for you!
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( Nov. 24th, 2007 10:40 am)
I'm a horrible, horrible person.

My grandfather and mother do not know how to fill in the votes so I gave "How to Vote" cards for the Greens and sent them on their way. With instructions to ignore everyone handing out other cards. OMG!
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( Sep. 26th, 2007 03:33 pm)
So, those damn soaps have really infected me and I've gone from Korean soaps to Taiwanese soaps. Completely staying away from the Chinese ones because they are my absolute FAVOURITE.

I checked my bandwidth this morning and only have 8GB left for the next 2 weeks. WTF??? I've just upgraded my plan to 60G/mth. I suck. I've decided to do this for only this month and downgrade it again. :::Le sigh:::
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( Jul. 26th, 2007 09:20 pm)
Got to the Citiclub Hotel at 12.30 am and was up again at 5.45 am to get to my pick up point for my day tour to Mount Buller.

I am now back and showered and warm and oh God, sore everywhere! Skiing is traumatic. Skiing hurts so much.

My tour included a 2 hour beginner's group skiing lesson. You would have though that if you've never skied before and were taking lessons, the ski school would would then be at the very bottom, or at the top of the baby slope, right where the ski lift drops you off. But no. The ski school is smack in the middle so you have to walk either 400 metres up or down carrying your stupid skiis. Turns out walking in snow wasn't so bad. I think it took me about 7 minutes with my gear and trying not to get in the way of the other skiiers and snowboarders.

The skiing lesson was traumatic and painful. My calves, knees, thighs, back and bottom hurt so much. But, I finally got over the ordeal. And then:-

I: Now we'll all go on the lift up and try skiing down the slope.
Me: Nooo!
I: You can do it Jasmin.
Me: Fine, but I'm not happy!

Half an hour later, in the middle of the ski field:

I: You can't continue to lie in the snow. Come on, get up.
Me: No, it's OK. I saw a video. I'll dig a hole and I'm sorted for the winter.

Another half an hour:

Me: Yes! At last! Freedom from this hell!
I: You did good. The you only fell 12 times the last 400 metres.
Me: Die now.

What was fun, however, was tabogganing. Sure, I had to drag my piece of plastic up the taboggan slope, but it was so much lighter than the skiis. And because I didn't stop and fall every two seconds, it was fun if a little scarey. I liked it a lot. The snow in the taboggan area wasn't as white though. OK, it was pretty dirty.

And it rained heaps on the snow field. I thought that was weird. All in all, it was good fun despite the cold and wet. Anyway, tomorrow, the girls will be arriving so yay!
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( Jul. 25th, 2007 05:34 pm)
I was told to go to the airport early because you need to get things all sorted. Yep, that took me all of half an hour. I have been sitting here like an idiot for the past hour. I started reading my book but realised half an hour later that  it was not going to last me the whole trip. I noticed that heaps of people had their laptops out and guess what? Unsecured wireless while you wait. Who knew? Sure, you have to agree not to go crazy, but cool.

I think that's very nice of them.

Anyway, will be flying to Melbourne in half an hour, and playing in the snow tomorrow. Yay!
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( Jul. 19th, 2007 08:36 am)
Mum had her massage and facial and returned a glowing woman. No, literally, she was glowing and pink and shiny. Anyway, the  point is, I had to look  after the shop. I close up, answered my email, checked to see what was up for offer on Mininova and woah Nelly!

So basically, I spent most of last glued to the laptop watching tv shows. I'm late for work, but I don't care. So tired.

Oh, right: anyone want to do something tonight?
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( Jun. 27th, 2007 11:36 pm)
The bad news is we suck at Pride Quiz Nights.

The good news is we rock at winning random stuff. Sure, they had a announce it three or four times before we realised we won something, but we eventually responded. Cricket, sarren and J, I have your VIP discount cards.
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( Jun. 16th, 2007 08:20 pm)
Cricket, I left my blue socks over at your place. My feet are so cold!
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( Jun. 6th, 2007 07:19 pm)
Yay! It's been three months, but finally I have a brand spanking new handbag. Nothing special. Just a very simple, brown, calf leather handbag that will be last for many, many years and won't age.

And 50% off!

Now I have 2 handbags, because this is the year where most of my bags have either snapped or died on me. Sure, I have the big, fun, messing around bag and the laptop bag, but I really needed a work bag.
This could *NOT* happen at a worse time.

My loan approval came through, I just paid for my plane tickets and then instead of a simple filling, I get caught with a fucking root canal and crown instead.

Me: I need a filling.
Dentist: La la la la la (drill). Root canal. Come back next week for the crown.
Me: Huh?
Dentist: That'll be $350 today and $2000 next week.
Me: WTF?!?!
Dentist: Oh, do you have health insurance? They cover some of the cost.
Me: What happened to the filling?
Dentist: Ha ha...I can give you a $100 discount. How about that?
Me: ...
Dentist: I'm sure we can work out a payment plan. You can pay me a thousand next week and the other thousand the week after.
Me: *burst in to tears*
Dentist: Look, look, we can work this out OK?

So, anyone interested in buying a kidney? A lung?
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( May. 3rd, 2007 10:44 am)
Peoples, my birthday is coming up again and I'm planning on having dinner at Maya Masala (the new one on James St) on Friday, 11 May.

It's BYO and I would love for anyone who can make it to pop in and have dinner with me. I know it's short notice, but you should know I completely suck at organising now that I've lost my personal slave.

If you're interested in having dinner and drinks, please pop me a comment by Monday so I can make a booking.

Hm, forgot to mention it is after work around 5ish.


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