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( Dec. 8th, 2006 10:38 am)
Cupidsbow - are you free for a movie with Tabby and I?
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( May. 17th, 2004 10:30 pm)
So, what I should *really* be doing is finishing my update of SwanCon and such, but you know what? So over it.

Anyway, for those interested in the update before I lost interest:

Read Here..Swan Con: Volume 2 - Minus the Superman Anecdotes. )

Essentially, [ profile] phred_has_sonar covered Pancakes, and cricketk[ profile] cricketk covered the Perth Observatory.

Now, what I *really* wanted to recap is my Birthday and Troy.

Birthday was so, so promising when I woke up...but then went down hill the minute I walked into work. Shit! Let's not go there. Don't want to talk about it as I may kill myself. However, it soon got better once Trille arrived and got me a cupcake to celebrate. She lit up some matches and I got to blow out the matches. This however lead me to discover Trille's secret pyromaniac longings. I blew out the matches, she lit some more up. Went to the pub, she lit up the matches, went to dinner, matches. Hidden arson-esque desires?

At any rate, arrived at the restaurant and admitted to everyone that I forgot to make a booking. Luckily, the manager catered to our needs and kicked some people out. Gots to love the customer service. Dinner was nice, all was good. And then...

War Games )

Now, Troy. Sooo sooo much potential, sooo sooo, not realised! I mean, everything was there for the taking. A group of pretty pretty boys, and beautiful beautiful men, in short short skirts and much half nakedness... what could possibly have gone wrong?

Well, besides the bad script, poor direction, cheesy dialogue, wooden acting and complete deviation from the mythology/Homer's epic poem? Aside from those minor, insignificant details, everything was fantastic. Well, it was enjoyable despite me getting all ranty and irritable.

The Ranting of Troy: SPOILER ALERT )

Last, but not least, Eurovision. I can't believe how popular the Ukraine song was. But, my personal favourite, Norway, with no votes. Norway, with the campy guy and his three fly girls. Norway with the oh so obvious non-synchronised lip-synching. Hillarious! What a riot. I'm amazed they weren't disqualified.

Signing off for the next month,



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