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( Mar. 25th, 2009 08:23 pm)
It's been a week and I have not received my laptop. I checked the invoice and it says it won't be delivered until 1 April!

How do you run out of Macbooks, Apple Australia? It's not like I'm upgrading it with everything. It's just your stock standard run of the mill everyday Macbook.

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( Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:40 pm)
I has me a new toy.

She's only a wee little thing, but I will love her any way. She's the runt of the pack but one day when I have more money, I'll upgrade her and she'll be sparkling. Unfortunately I have no desk so until I get one, she's still in the pack.
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( Jul. 5th, 2008 11:15 am)
I have been waiting for this update for about 3 weeks since I changed to Firefox 3. And it even fixed the glitch from Firefox 2. Yay!
It's taken me a month, but gosh darn it, I've finally found a torrent client. Yays! The only problem is that I don't know how to RSS. I don't care because I can finally torrent.

I have officially handed over my old laptop to my parents, but am still going to use it for torrenting purposes until uTorrent for Mac comes out.
Intenet: 1,000,000
Jasmin: None.


Me: Um, is the server down by any chance?
Service Provider: Uh, no.
Me: Are you sure?
SP: What's your username and password?
Me:*username* *password*
SP: It says here you've been on all night.
Me: NO, I really haven't. I can't even access the gateway to secure my wireless.
SP: *tap tap tap* Try it now.
Me: I have internet! Are you *sure* the server wasn't down temporarily and you forgot to switch me back on or did you guys change something and forgot to mention it to me like you did last time?
SP: No...why do you say that? Why do you hurt me so?
Me: Was the server down?
SP: Look, you have the internet back now, OK? It's back, leave me alone!
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( Sep. 26th, 2007 03:33 pm)
So, those damn soaps have really infected me and I've gone from Korean soaps to Taiwanese soaps. Completely staying away from the Chinese ones because they are my absolute FAVOURITE.

I checked my bandwidth this morning and only have 8GB left for the next 2 weeks. WTF??? I've just upgraded my plan to 60G/mth. I suck. I've decided to do this for only this month and downgrade it again. :::Le sigh:::
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( Apr. 26th, 2007 11:24 pm)
Feeling completely accomplished. I have finally re-organised my hard drives and deleted shows I was once excited about but lost interest and now I have approximately 120G of space. Yay me!

* 13G on my laptop
* >50+G on my Seagate
* <60G on my Mediagate
* 100G on my little emergency pocket Vaio (not really counted because I just bought that)

But still, space. This means that I should have enough space for the remainder of the year if I'm especially careful.

Unfortunately, I lost season 2 of Life on Mars during transfer. Oh well. I just started downloading it again.


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