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( Sep. 26th, 2004 03:02 pm)
My Trip to Fremantle.

By Jasmin.

It's been quite a while since I've updated, but I thought this was a worthwhile event.

Went to Kulcher last night to watch Capoeira. Started a little slow with about 45 minutes of "teaching us a dance" - less teaching and more crap dancing. At some point, Trille, Attics and I got a little bored. What could three little girls do in a dark, dark room? Why, we whipped out our pens and pads and started writing crap drabble Idol fics!

Ficlet 1: 54th Day - A Round Robin by Boo, Trille and Attics - In seating order )

Ficlet 2: Tension By Trille, featuring Boo )

And now for the naked men bit. Hehehehe nekid men bits hehehe

After 45 minutes of waiting, we get started. The first dance was some fishing dance. It was OK. Not great. Was very enjoyable after we started making fun of it.

Trille: The guy on the stage. The tall one. He's got some package there. His groin is moving to the music.
Me: Hehehehe...
Trille: The guy on the stage. The tall one. He's got some package there. His groin is moving to the music.
Attics: Oh god! I can't stop looking at his groin!
Me: Hehehehehe...bouncy groin...

Me: The prop guy looks all lonely. Guess he wasn't good enough to participate. The other boys won't let him play.
Attics: He's kinda hot.
Me: Yeah. That's what I just said. Don't you listen to anything I say?

Watching many people on stage dancing and weilding sticks.
Trille: I predict there's going to be an accident at some point tonight.
Dancing guy knocks another dancing guy on head with his oar - don't ask.
Me: (laughing loudly and clapping) HAHAHAHA!
Guy: *evil glare in my direction*
Trille and Attics: LOL!

After that performance, there was a 20 minute interval where we continued to write our little drabbles.

Ficlet 3: Hair by Boo )

And now, my personal favourite (not that Trille's fic wasn't fantastic), but Attics is metaphor/analogy queen in this fic.

Ficlet 4: You Make My Heart Go Giddyup by Attics )

Next came the dance I call "Le Tigre" - semi naked men and women in faux tiger fur prancing around with sticks and big knives. It was fabulous! Way, way, way good. However, that was just the pretties before the real show, which of course was the capoeira (fight/dance) exhibit. It was amazing.

And then the little kids started and my god, they were so bloody good! I know Cricket says that little 7-10 year olds have very little attention span and is therefore difficult to teach them because they have no real discipline etc... but these kids were amazing. And this is one very dangerous sport. One kid was clearly better than the others. He was about 10(?) and could do all these acrobatics/gymnastics... excellent show.

Then, back to the big boys and girls to show of their thang.

By the end of the show, the gay compere that Trille sexed long time introduced the rest of the dancers. When he got to Attics' boyfriend, we discovered that he was from Malaysia. Do be sure to invite us to the wedding, chica. He then continued to tell us that the main event wasn't actually tonight, all this was preliminaries to the big grading on Sunday outside the Alexander Library.

At this point, I get all excited and cheer wildly. Ooops. Well, I was going to the Pride Fair and would have been in the area to perve watch the grading. Everyone hushed and started staring in our direction. Me, quickly turning towards Trille, pretending it was her who made the outburst. Attics was too busy laughing. Trille looked like a deer caught in the spotlight, slowly points her finger in my direction. Ha! Like anyone would be her now!

Trille's Boyfriend: Well, I guess some of you are more excited about that than others.
Room: (Laughing madly)

And then it was all over. We went for icecream and sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart" really loudly and really badly four times.

The End.


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