Met Trille at Exomod for coffee yesterday and almost had a minor heart attack.

Trille: I heart money long time!
Me: Me too! I heart it so much I want to marry it.
Trille: Yeah, but money doesn't heart you back. It hearts ME!
*shows me her account*
Me: You've got tenty billion dollars! Buy me something pretty!
Trille: This is why money broked up with you. *scornful face*
Me: *sulk*
Trille: I was doing my budget and this is how much I earn and how much I spend and how much I save and I'm thinking about being all frugal next year and spending nuncy-hundred dollars so I can save tenty billion more dollars. Want to save tenty billion dollars with me? I can teach you.
Me: *sulk* I have $23 in my bank account. I like to spending money. I can save maybe 2 dollars.
Me: *sits and does mini budget*
Me: OMG! My calculations show I should have tenty hundred dollars! WTF?
*4 hours later*
Me: WAIT! I used it pay for my trip next year. No, that's not right. I called in my loan.

I won't lie to you. I have been worried about this all night and have not slept well worring where my money disappeared to. At about 6 this morning, I finally remembered.

* I went to Melbourne and Sydney this year.
* I completely paid of my credit card debt. Tragically, the festive season has broken me again.
* I had a LOT of dental work earlier this year which costed a fortune.

I feel sooooo much better now that I have accounted for my missing money.

Note to self: never do quickie budget estimates. Sit down with your files and do a proper audit of your spendings.

New year's resolution: Prepare official budget and follow it. Will learn to save money properly like an adult, damn it!


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