Or anyone who would like to buy me presents...at any time...

I would like vouchers to Planet Books. There will never ever be enough vouchers for Planet Books in Mt Lawely. NEVER.

Or, a new computer.

Love, Boo.

From: [identity profile] mr-booboo.livejournal.com

HBF insurance have been fantastic. They approved it within 3 days of the submission, but wanted a quote from here because it's not repaired yet. Tragically, Apple wants to do a diagnostic on it first in case it's more than just surface damage (which is fair), except there's a backlog of work due to the Christmas season. It'll be a 2-3 weeks wait, and then they can give me a quote. By then, HBF staff will be on holiday and it'll be another month before anything gets resolved.

Just bad timing, but all in all, HBF has pre-approved. They just want to know how much so they can send the money.


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