Thanks to [ profile] isilya  for the delicious food and dessert she cooked yesterday. Mmmmm...yum...Morrocan Lamb = I wants more! I'd like the recipe if I could.

Thanks also to [ profile] special_trille , [ profile] psycho_tabby , [ profile] dark_squire , [ profile] icantmakeme  and husband for their fantastic company. We played board games. I loves the board games. I loves the trash talking and the arguments and the sulking. Love it love it love it!

Oh, and I went to the cat haven with Tabby and got me 2 cats. I brought one of them home (Sera) and the other one will be collected on Tuesday (Ziba). Both grey tabby, and both quite lovely. I'm hoping they get along

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( Jan. 26th, 2009 07:48 pm)
But she takes terrible photos! She turns before I can get a shot so I always get the back of her head.

She's spent the last hour watching the Daily Show with me and then people watched for a bit. She loves the window sill. But now she's all tired and has returned to her hidey-hole for a bit of a nap.


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