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Sera is *not* loving the new cat (Ziba). She hasn't seen the other cat, but she knows Zi exists and keeps hissing at the bathroom door. So, I've taken to locking her up in the laundry room so that Zi can have a wander around the house. When Zi returned to her room, I let Sera out again. Boy was she pissed off. She started acting up and scratching furniture. I eventually put her back in the laundry but she's meowing non stop and bumping agains the door demanding to be let out.

I should have brought them home together and made them stay in their boxes for a day in the same room.

Sera is way to territorial and aggressive. I'm pretty sure she's going to beat up Zi if I ever let them meet.

But she's so cute and adorable when she wants to be which makes it hard for me to stay angry at her.


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All those website say that you should probably leave zi in her bathroom (I would probably give her your room as well to be fair) for up to a week and give miles of love and attention to Sera.

They all say its perfectly usual for them to hiss and spit and chuck an tanty and that you should let them get it out from behind closed doors for a week or so. They say that getting them introduced slowly, say over a week or two is likely to result in the best outcome, so I really would not stress that they don't like each other now (they all say that is absolutly perfectly normal and does not at all mean they won't like each other in the long run).

After a few days they said that it was good to run a towel, or something that has ones smell over the other one (and vise versa) to let them learn the smell. And after a week it said it would be a good idea to swap them over (ie Zi in the rest of the house and Sera in the bathroom) so they can smell the others scent.

Its probably not a good idea to lock Sera away if he hisses and spits at Zi as she might start associating her with being punished.

The things they said that you should really not do was put them together too quickly and just expect them to sort it out. They implied that the longer they got to know each other behind closed doors the better.

All those links I sent you today say how they are likely to react.

How is Zi when she is away from the cat Haven. Does she have a nice personality.

(and Sera's just jealous she has to share you *g* that must be a slighly a good feeling)

Good luck!

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I let Zi out for less than an hour!

I haven't even introduced the cats. I've been in the bathroom a few times to check up on Zi and to clean her stitches.

Sera kept attacking the door of the bathroom, and when she started on the leather couch, I put her in the laundry. I don't care what the websites say, that couch cost a fortune.

Also, Zi is not in my bathroom. She's in the guest bathroom. Sera has the whole entire house but she keeps taunting Zi. I'll let her out tomorrow morning, but I need her to get used to the laundry so she won't freak out when I finally let Zi out for real.

I've no idea how Zi really is. She was a little woozy when I picked her up and was still really unsteady when we got home. She's eaten and had a little wander around the house and when I walked her back to the bathroom, she was pretty placid. I suspect she's still sore and a little sulky. I'll see what she's like tomorrow once she feels a bit better.

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hahaha oh poor you. It would be bloody hard. I think if I wasn't reading all this I would so be one of those people that would just throw them together in a room and let them fight it out.

And I can certainly understand about the couch (and any ways teaching her scratching is a bad thing I don't think would be bad).

Best best best of luck. It sounds like you are doing all the right stuff. I hope you get some sleep tonight. (I can give you some earplugs otherwise) I'm sure given some times Sera will calm down. I don't think Zi seems like the kind of cat to fight her for top place, and once they have that pecking or sorted I assume they will be happier.

I have my fingers crossed for you.

(All this talk of cats has got my Mum clucky and she has started talking about a kitten for her since she is home all the time *goes back to reading more about introducing kittens to cats* My cat would have a litter *grin* if I brought anouther cat home!)

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Bring round another nasty cat or dog so they can feel terrorised together. Then they'll be on the same team. Worked at Thomas St!

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For some reason LJ completely failed to inform me of your friending me. I have finally noticed and returned fire.

Thanks for hosting an enjoyable evening last week. I now totally want to buy that German postal routes game. It's so delightfully specific.

Cat politics sounds complicated.


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