Sure, there's nothing there, but Perth to Adelaide on Virgin is only $65 each way from 16 - 31 August.

Well, there's always the wineries... the Clare and Barossa Valleys are lovely.

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you can go to the Maggie Beers Farm/Kitchen. My friends went last year and said it is fantastic. If I am ever stranded in Adelaide... that is what I will be doing (and tiptoeing past the suburbs that contain my aunts and by then my nana)

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I think Canberra to Adelaide is just as cheap!

Adelaide to is Melbourne is $59. Sydney to Brisbane is $45!

Sure, you're constantly jumping planes, but so cheap!
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I'd expect to be able to get a round trip to Adelaide for $200, even without a sale. But I have enough FF points to fly around Australia at whim anyway!

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Oooohhhh... this is promising. I'm looking at a split flight. Perth to Adelaide, Adelaide to Brisbane = $123 one way. A straight flight would cost $165. Savings!


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