So I've decided that I really like cruising.

Why? Because I'm inherently lazy and enjoy 5 star service. I enjoy lazing about, reading, eating, going to shows, karaoke and 24 hour servitude from those around me. I can get all of this on a cruise. And I'm thinking I'd like to go on another one soon. Maybe in 2010 or something.

Is anyone else interested? I'm looking at fly-cruises, but also looking at cruised that either start or end in Fremantle. I told you I was lazy!

Meanwhile, housemate hunting is not going great. People LIE! Obvious lies!

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Lies Potential Housemates Tell Me

Me: I'm looking for a non-smoker.
PHM: I don't smoke.
Me: But you smell of cigarettes.
PHM: It's from the pub. The smell has caught on my clothes.
Me: But your breath stinks of cigarettes.
PHM: Well, I do smoke, but only outside.
Me: I really am looking for a non-smoker.
PHM: I'm giving up smoking soon.
ME: Um, no.


Me: The rent is $x/wk. I need a reliable person who can pay their rent on time.
PHM: I can totally pay you the ridiculous amount of money you've requested even though I don't currently have a job.
Me: OK, but how currently haven't you had a job?
PHM: Only 2 months, but don't worry, I'll get a job eventually.
Me: Um, no.

Those kinds of lies.

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Re: Lies Potential Housemates Tell Me

Not really. But I haven't seriously started looking ie advertised at work, the ECU Mt Lawley or the papers. So far, I've only put it up on one web site.

Meanwhile, want to come over for dinner on Wednesday? We celebrate your promotion?

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Either a 14-17 day cruise around Australia or SE Asia. Although, I'm also looking at a 23 day holiday from Alaska to Argentina, which includes a few nights before the cruise and after the cruise. I haven't decided where. Just when.


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