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([personal profile] mr_booboo Apr. 23rd, 2009 02:18 pm)
Anyone want to go cruising with me? Max 7-8 days. Under $1000.

I want to go on holiday. Pampering, drinking, relaxing holiday.

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That's a long time to drive round and round the main streets of Fremantle ...

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I don't think you could drive around freo for a week without spending that much just on petrol...

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I don't think you could cruise around Freo in booboo's car for a week without getting laughed out of town, even if you did spend the $1k on a huge exhaust and custom graphics. :)

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Just the South Tce., circuit. She can drive and we can hang out of the windows heckling the talent.

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Sorry no cruising for me *though doublethinking, that does seem like a nice idea*, but what I'm really looking for is the name of that really good fic that ended up Sanpe/Hermione? and the body swap one?


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I'd love to but my boss already hates me for the leave I've taken (and the leave that he doesn't know I'm taking yet)



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