The housemate is moving out.

He went house hunting with his mother when she was over and they put an offer on the house and it got accepted.

Crap. Back to the drawing board.

This time, I'm getting a girl so my mum doesn't freak out.

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He did say he was looking for a house and only needed a temporary place. He seemed a little shocked as well that it was so quick.

But really, I'd do the same. I'd rather pay off my mortgage than pay someone else rent.

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It's fine. Mum wasn't all that keen. Dad was fine about it. I think I need to stick to either females or a couple.

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Why wouldn't a couple murder you? you are good enough to be murdered by any demographic!

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Yes, that's right. I'm looking for a female or a corpse. Or preferable a female corpse.

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If you can't find a female corpse, there's an ideal do-it-yourself project.

Or find a mature aged FIFO worker named Johnno. Why? Because I want to know what your mother would say to that.

A couple may not be a great idea - more chance of loud sex and domestic disputes that they'll expect you to mediate.


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