Long time no post. Hmmm...where did I last leave off? I can't remember. I apologise in advance if spelling and punctuation is all over the place. I'm on an international keyboard so I have 254 code numbers for symbols and punctuation marks. Very annoying.

At any rate, I've posted some pictures on my facebook of Interlaken and Paris. Italy was a little weird with nothing actually working. I spent one of my free days in Rome at the Vatican museum which was massive. I still haven't seen St Peter's Basilica or the Colloseum. Will do so another time. Had a great time at Pompei and saw some ancient Pompei porn.

Florence was absolutely lovely and so was Venice. It was a little stinky, but I had a great time there. On our way to Munich, we stopped at Neuschwansien (sp?) Castle and discovered that King Ludwig was a 13 year old fanboy to the nth degree. He had 3 castles built dedicated to Wagner and his operas. Between the dining room and the sitting room, he installed a bat cave. I loved it. So tacky!

Am now in Budapest, but can't talk. I suddenly have a line of people waiting to use the free internet. Grrr! But, before I go, a conversation at the Hopfbrauhaus in Munich.

Nerida: He's a faggot. I don't think we have any of those on our tour.
Sassy: Um...
Nerida: (realises she's made a twat of herself) Not that there's anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are faggots.


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