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([personal profile] mr_booboo Jan. 27th, 2009 10:07 pm)
Sera is *not* loving the new cat (Ziba). She hasn't seen the other cat, but she knows Zi exists and keeps hissing at the bathroom door. So, I've taken to locking her up in the laundry room so that Zi can have a wander around the house. When Zi returned to her room, I let Sera out again. Boy was she pissed off. She started acting up and scratching furniture. I eventually put her back in the laundry but she's meowing non stop and bumping agains the door demanding to be let out.

I should have brought them home together and made them stay in their boxes for a day in the same room.

Sera is way to territorial and aggressive. I'm pretty sure she's going to beat up Zi if I ever let them meet.

But she's so cute and adorable when she wants to be which makes it hard for me to stay angry at her.

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